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Welcome to Brainstars, an inspiring lifestyle resource, for those enduring the stress of dealing with the tragedy of a severe brain injury in the family – Brainstars is designed to support and bring people and their ideas together. Following our own personal tragedy we felt there was a real need for a website for parents that could offer information and support in a positive and contemporary place. Brainstars offers support & information on the broadest range of subjects such as medical issues, nutrition, therapies, disability & family rights, holiday advice, suggestions & offers, clothing, important funding advice and equipment. It will also act as a pathway to all of those wonderful charities and support groups already well established. Key to the success of Brainstars will be input from other parents who can also offer information and ideas that can help other families. In time we will set up a forum but initially please email us at Please read my blog…

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Check out PosAbility Magazine, an inspiring and innovative, fresh publication that focuses on the opportunities available to disabled people today. It covers a wide variety of topics from sports, accessible holiday ideas, days out for the family, all the latest products, exclusive competitions and has a great children and family section.

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The Children’s Trust in Tadworth , Surrey. This is a charity very close to our hearts. We spent 8 months at The Children’s Trust where Jago received intensive rehabilitation. It provided a safe transitionary period where we had time to get used to our new lives with like minded people.

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Dr John Alexander’s areas of expertise include paediatrics, paediatric intensive care and paediatric respiratory disease. His areas of interest are improving the quality of care using the Patient and Family Centred Care model,

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Watch our first video on Real Food Blending. For full details on how you can use and apply the principles discussed in the video read our ‘How to Guide’ in the Blended Diet section, click here.

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Nutrition, Tube Feeding and the Blended Diet

April 20th, 2016|1 Comment

I will never forget the day when the doctor told me Jago would need a feeding tube, I was sick to my stomach at the idea of them putting a hole in my boys stomach and sticking a tube in it. It filled me with fear, my beautiful boy [...]