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Brainstars is primarily an information resource website containing information and advice on how to survive this new world of disability that you may find yourself in. After our son’s accident we immediately turned to Google to see if we could find a website that could help us, we found very little information and it was scattered everywhere.

We are three years on from the accident and have had an incredibly steep learning curve – our mission is to share this information with all parents and with their support build on it through our forum page (coming soon) and blog. This site covers everything from what is brain injury to therapies, funding resources, nutrition, holiday destinations, clothing solutions, legal advice and general top tips!

starBrainstars Mission Statement

‘To provide parents with sufficient information and knowledge to enable them to achieve the best outcome for themselves and their family in all aspects of their life.’

Since Jago’s accident everything has been an uphill struggle, we have had to learn so much and fight so hard to get to where we are today. When we found ourselves in Intensive care with no knowledge of brain injury we could really have done with a resource like this just to help us make sense of it all. It has taken every bit of strength to keep ourselves sane and maintain a nearly ‘normal’ life. For that reason it seemed criminal not to share the knowledge we have gleaned over this time. Obviously some of our information is very relevant to Jago and not to other children but we feel that most of our struggles will be very similar.

We would like to invite parents to send in any additional information, share their stories and top tips etc. that can be added to this site so that hopefully it can grow into a huge resource that will help everyone in some way. To do this please email us direct at