From the moment this happened to my family, I immediately felt that everything was broken and that we would or could never recover. All our hard work as parents had failed in a matter of seconds in the most extreme way possible. How could things ever be the same again? How would I now care about any of the things that mattered before when I couldn’t even prevent my child from catastrophic injury? How would I ever face the world again and be the women I was?

Things like this simply didn’t happen to people like me, families like us. However it did happen and things like this do happen to people like us. Every day. I just didn’t see it before.

I am now living in a new world. One that lives with tragedy each day. A world where everything is now important and every moment is precious.

I made a promise to myself that although my little Jago could not be the boy he was, my other boys would have the same opportunities that they would have had before. It is this promise that has driven me and given me the strength to fight so hard for everything we have today.

By fighting for care and support, in essence; funding has allowed my family to become a secure unit again and for my husband and I to continue with the hopes and dreams for ourselves and our family.

I have seen such appalling injustice through this process that I felt compelled to do something. It seems that when faced with such a tragedy, many people try to draw something positive from it. For me, it’s important to convey some of the lessons we have learned on our journey. So I have created this website to help people to navigate their way through the inevitable battles ahead. Perhaps arm you with information to be able to avoid some of the nonsense and take advantage of the good advice. I hope in some way this website can help you and perhaps with more input from other parents it will grow to become something powerful: by parents, for parents.