starBlended Diet for Brain Injuries – Getting Started…

You will need the following equipment:

  • Blender – Any high quality blender but Vitamix and Blendtec see Product spotlight for the latest deal
  • Freeze bags or pouches or Tupperware bowls
  • 60ml syringe (preferably catheter tip if using pouches)
  • Weighing scales

starIntroducing Food

It is important to start this diet very slowly just like when you wean a baby onto solid foods. Start with small quantities and introduce foods one by one with your current formula. Each child will respond differently so it is impossible to give you a step by step timeframe, you really have to see how they tolerate certain foods. I started slowly and introduced more and more foods. The most practical way is to slowly replace formula with blended food, so if your child has 100cals of blended food than reduce the same amount of formula in calorific value. The aim is to eventually replace all of the formula with high calorie, low volume, nutritionally balanced meals. It can be a struggle to achieve high calorie/low volume and this is where you really need to get to know your foods and the calories they contain.

Below is a list of some healthy high calorie options:

Food Benefit Cals (avg)
Avocado (100g) Healthy fat, low sugar, high fibre 160
Sweet potato (100g) Contain high level iron, Vitamin c & D 86
Flaxseed (100g) High in antioxidants and Omega 3 534
Banana(100g) Rich in pectin, high fibre, friendly bacteria 89
Salmon (100g) High quality protein and omega 3 175
Mackerel (100g) Rich in Omega 3, protein and antioxidants 262
Peanut butter (100g) Rich in Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium 190
Prunes (100g) High in fibre, Vitamin K and beta carotene. 339

starCommercial Food

The foods listed below are high calorie ready-made ‘real’ food in pouches. They are really useful when you run out of time, or have an unexpected trip to hospital. Currently only available in the USA, but they will ship to the UK.

Functional Formularies  –

starReal Food Blends

Of course there are some great Baby food brands who provide pouches with pureed fruit and vegetables, there are some that also contain yoghurt which increases the calories – these are great as snacks and work perfectly with catheter tip syringes.

starFood Charts

It is important to have a reliable Food Chart and Calorie Counter to ensure your blends are nutritionally balanced and contain the correct amount of calories. See links below:

British Nutrition Foundation

NHS – Calorie Counter on hand so that you can ensure your blend is balanced and contains the correct calories for you child.