I will never forget the day when the doctor told me Jago would need a feeding tube, I was sick to my stomach at the idea of them putting a hole in my boys stomach and sticking a tube in it. It filled me with fear, my beautiful boy who used to sit at our table stuffing frankfurters into his little mouth, chocolate smeared face after licking the cake mix spoon. How could this be, food is our life and he was never ‘to eat’ again? Food, feeding is so integral to feeling successful as a mother, there is nothing more deflating then being unable to breastfeed your child or later on satisfy their appetite with home cooked food. Not only had I lost the boy I knew but I couldn’t even feed him anymore?

Of course I just had to ‘get over it’ just like everything else. So the tube was inserted and we began to feed him formula…just like when he was a baby…we’d gone backwards. Jago’s reflux became a big problem, so bad that we were asked to consider a Fundoplication, another unbearable operation. I politely refused and set about learning everything I could about the Blended diet which I heard had reduced reflux in many children.

I began to slowly introduce the diet in January 2014, Jago had no adverse reaction so slowly I began to feed him exclusively on real food blended – three meals and two snacks per day – just the same as his brothers! His reflux completely disappeared – which meant his risk of aspiration became zero and the number of chest infections reduced dramatically.

A sound medical solution…but an even better emotional bandage, finally I could feed my son, just like before… a wonderful feeling that every mother has the right to! I am passionate about this diet as I have seen the benefits with my own eyes. Many parents are starting to do this and there are lots of support groups on Facebook. The medical world know of its benefits as do the British Dieticians Association but are unable to sign it off as yet…as with everything it requires extensive research and some of us just don’t have the luxury of time to wait for this. My Nutrition section aims to provide a simple step by step guide to getting started as well as practical information on helpful products and nutritious recipes.

To learn how to get started on the Real Food blended diet, follow this link…