I am a busy working mum to three beautiful boys, Riley 11, Ferdie 8 and Jago 5. After the birth of our first son we left London to pursue a more relaxed country life, first in Berkshire and now in a small village in Northamptonshire. Life was really good, Ive been with my husband Barney for 16 years and we had built a pretty good life for ourselves, we both worked hard and achieved our dream of three children. Our three boys were all fit, well and most importantly happy!

However on the 11th March 2012 our lives changed beyond recognition. Our youngest son Jago only 17months at the time and a real explorer wondered away from the children for only a few minutes. The moment we discovered he was missing i ran to the pond at the end of the garden hidden by trees. I found my beautiful boy floating head down at the top of the water. I will never forget the feeling of his lifeless body in my arms…it haunts me every day and as a result has changed our lives forever.

It took the ambulance services 50 mins to restore Jago’s heartbeat by which time he had suffered a huge brain injury due to the lack of oxygen.

We spent 3 months in hospital and 8months in a Rehab centre. My husband and I had to split apart, one of us would be with our other two boys in Northamptonshire trying to maintain as normal life as possible, the other would be in Surrey at the Rehab centre with little Jago – we would come together for weekends.

Jago finally came home in April 2013 a very different boy. He could no longer walk, talk, eat or communicate and needed 24/7 care. I spent 17months fighting for this care – involving my MP, going to The House of Commons to meet the Under Secretary of Education, Ed Timpson – I was told he would never receive that level of care – but I was Jago’s mum I would never give up and so I won my fight in  June 2014.

Having to fight that hard whilst also coming to terms with my ‘new’ boy nearly killed me but I am a very different person now – perhaps sometimes a bit too hard and intolerant but much much stronger, I NEVER take no for an answer!

Over the last 3 years I have recognised a real lack of resources for parents like me – my husband and I spent hours trawling through google trying to find answers and info, everything from Rehab option to therapies to holiday destinations, nutrition to cool clothing for my son. Most of the websites are poorly presented and don’t provide the answers we are looking for.

Information is scattered everywhere so I have created Brainstars to pull all of this together – a single resource that covers everything from Medical terminology, Therapies, Clothing, Useful charities, Holiday destinations, Useful products all presented in an upbeat and professional way! Key to this website is parents spreading the word and participation in the forum area, here we can share information which will not only provide support but also allow for progress in our world of Special Needs.

Brainstars aims to be the ‘go-to’ website for any parent of a special needs child at birth or acquired later on.